27 September, 2008

The Charming Mr. Wheaton

My Dearest Gentle Readers,
It is with the greatest pleasure that I am able to inform you that on this very day I was so delightfully privileged as to meet the charming Mr. Wheaton!
My dear husband, Mr. Sessions, and our good friend the Lord Admiral, had chosen to journey today to the east over the gentle line of hills which isolates our splendid city on the bay in order to partake of the wondrous spectacle advertised as appearing in our state's fair capital, the show known as From the Land Beyond. It was, as promised, indeed a spectacle such as has not graced my eyes in many a year. From the many-talented artists to the purveyors of varied goods, to the colorful traveling crowds, to the most enjoyable and fascinating discussions. There was even a room entirely devoted to the showing of moving pictures!
However, I must state unequivocally that the highlight of the gathering for myself was the opportunity to meet the charming Mr. Wheaton. For my gentle readers who are perhaps less familiar with Mr. Wheaton, let me say briefly that he is, in my humble opinion, one of the most accomplished authors currently available. I have followed closely his occasional journals on the electrodigitalized aetherospheric network, and have always found his writings to be intelligent, amusing, and delightful to read.
As can sometimes happen when one interacts from a distance with another human being without their direct knowledge, I have felt for some time now as though Mr. Wheaton is simply another of my dear friends, though certainly one I do not see often. At the very least, he seems as though he is certainly someone that I would desire to befriend. Alas, this is not the possible, for not only are we separated by distance, but also by that ephemeral boundary which arises around one who is known (or attempted to be known) by far too many people.
For all that, Mr. Wheaton is a consummate gentleman. He is a distinguished man of youthful good looks, who reads delightfully and makes all who meet him feel as though they are the most important person in the world at that moment. I had drawn for him eine kleine robot, with the hope that it would amuse him, and he did indeed seem pleased! This was extremely gratifying, as were his compliments on the small images of my photographs which I had brought and shared with him. Mr. Wheaton is exceedingly friendly, and we three discussed with him at some length, on topics covering a wide array of material, from art to music to politics. I suspect we may have embarrassed ourselves somewhat with the number of times which we returned, having found just one more thing to speak with him about, but Mr. Wheaton was always willing to speak with us, and continued to seem glad to see us. I was happily surprised to find that he recognized us from our one previous meeting several months ago (though I suspect as well that we make a somewhat distinctive trio, even in crowds such as those at this event), and he did seem genuinely pleased to see us again. If Mr. Wheaton lies, he does it exceedingly well. I felt nothing but friendly companionship from him, and he was very patient with us all.
The Lord Admiral and I each picked out one of Mr. Wheaton's new literary offerings, and though I have not yet had a chance to look at them, I have no doubt that they will be enjoyable. I shall let you know my feelings on them when I have had the leisure to peruse them properly.
Let me simply end by saying, Mr. Wheaton, what a real pleasure it was to see you. I do hope that we shall meet again in the not-so-distant future, and in the meanwhile, I look forward to your future posts!
Fondly yours,
Lady E. E. Grey

18 September, 2008

An Appropriate Time for Humble Apologies

Gentle Readers,
It is in the beautiful gloaming of the year that I come to you, hands outstretched, and beseech you for your indulgence. I have been remiss in my artistic duties, and have neglected not only the delightful tales spun by Mr. Daniel's pen, but also you, my gentle readers.
I have, of course, my excuses. Some are better than others. For me, this has been a summer of travel, and betimes I have not been able to work in the manner in which I had hoped. My gentle sister also became wedded to her gentleman, and certainly that happy event involved a portion of my times and attentions. Not the least of all my excuses is the resumption of my studies these three weeks past.
However, none of these things hold weight when set beside my own lack of dedication, and for this I am truly sorry.
I devoutly hope that you will all accept my most humble apologies, and that you will bear with your friend as I seriously undertake to improve this sorry state of affairs.
Humbly Yours,
Lady E. E. Grey

07 July, 2008

In which I profess a distinctly unladylike excitement

Hallo, gentle readers! Salutations to you on this most temperate of days!

I come to you bearing some delightful news in regard to the aforementioned project betwixt myself and the honorable Mr. Daniel- we have completed a small preliminary debut comic, as it were, and have embarked full-scale upon the project itself! I confess myself in an absolute tizzy of excitement, and have already completed the larger part of our first page.
It is a truly fascinating experience to create the art for a piece like this, and though I will candidly admit that I do still struggle with the idea that I might consider myself an artist enough to participate in such an exciting project, I am firmly engaged in diverting my mind from such thoughts. If Mr. Daniel deems my work good enough, so be it.

In other news on the domestic front, our good friend the Lord Admiral, brother of the honorable Mr. Daniel, has made the most lovely gift to myself and my dear husband, Mr. Sesssions. From the very depths of his generous heart, and upon no occasion whatsoever, he has presented us with our very own autographed copy of Steampunk, the most excellent anthology from the Vandermeers. Though I deeply regret that I have not yet had the time to avail myself of the wonders betwixt its covers, I shall most certainly soon do so.

With that I must leave you, with my most humble apologies. I have a project which is earnestly entreating my attention!

Best regards,
Lady E. E. Grey

21 June, 2008

Musings on a summer's day

Greetings, gentle readers. I bid you good afternoon on this passing lovely day.

'Tis at the behest of a few gallant acquaintances of mine that I begin this writing, and I find myself at a distinct loss as to what I may say that would entertain the discreet sensibilities of my gentle readers. What is it that one is obliged to recount? I find my thoughts perhaps not so interesting as one might hope, and at the moment, there appears to be a distinct lack of amusing tales to be told as well.

Perhaps I shall tell you instead of a new interest which has recently claimed my attentions. It seems that one of my gallant acquaintances, the honorable Mr. Daniel, has long been a fan of a certain new style of art, that style commonly know as "SteamPunk". Having heard of his interest, and nursing a new fancy for aforementioned art myself, I contacted him in regard to his delightful habit of writing the most marvelous stories, and asked him if perchance he might see fit to write a little something which we might work upon together.
Suffice it to say, we have embarked upon a most delightful partnership to produce for you, our gentler readers, a pleasant little story.

Best wishes to you all,
Lady E. E. Grey